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S I T Guitar Single Strings

SIT strings (named for their motto "Stay in Tune"), are manufactured in the U.S. at their Akron, Ohio plant. Years of research and innovation have produced fine, high-performance products. They are respected among guitarists as an economical choice for long-lasting strings with a rich tonal quality. For your convenience, we offer SIT single guitar strings. We encourage you to test different gauge combinations until you find exactly the sound you want. The SIT Electric guitar power wound strings have nickel-plated steel wrapping that is round wound on top of a hard-tempered hex core. These are their most popular strings. Fans have described them as having a strong presence. We have them in many different gauge sizes, from .018 up to .070. SIT Acoustic Guitar Silencers came out of the company's dedication to string development. For The Silencer, SIT uses Inverse String Winding, which compresses the outer part of the wrap wire while keeping the inner part of the string intact. It is a proprietary design that makes the strings smooth and silky to the touch. It also reduces fret and finger noise, while still giving the vibrant sound that round wound users are accustomed to. These technologically advanced strings will give every note clear definition and separation when playing a fast run. These strings are available in 80/20 bronze and golden bronze, both with ball ends. Our SIT Pedal Steel Guitar Plain Steel single strings are available in .009 to .012 size gauges and they all feature ball ends. The company's Plain Steel guitar single strings also have ball ends, and come in a wide range of gauges for maximum flexibility. You can choose the lightest gauge, which is .008, all the way up to .026 in small increments. SIT guitar strings are used and endorsed by some of the biggest names in the business. Some of the featured artists who trust SIT strings include David Ellefson of Megadeth, Zach Myers of Shinedown and Willie Adler of Lamb of God. But don't take their word for it. Try these superior strings for yourself. With our great prices for SIT guitar single strings, you have no excuse not to.
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