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S I T Strings Electric Guitar Pure Nickel Power Groove, .010 - .046, PN1046

S I T  Strings Electric Guitar Pure Nickel Power Groove, .010 - .046, PN1046
S I T Strings
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By Steve G.
Great strings
November 13, 2020
Been using SIT strings for 20 years on my Floyd Rose equipped guitars. Tried the Pure Nickel a couple months ago on my Tele ( which I usually put Ernie Balls on) and haven’t looked back.
  • Sound great and feel great. Stay in tune pretty good. Great price
  • Can?t think of any
By Rockin' R.
St Louis, Mo
Best strings for Classic Fender Tone!
April 5, 2020
What I mean is back in the day all we had was pure nickel strings and that's what makes a Tele sound like a Tele or Strat sound like a Strat. Pure nickel is the way to go but remember the 3 plain strings on any set of guitar strings no matter if pure nickel, nickel steel or stainless or whatever, those plain strings are all the same. That's right, all the same. Only the wrapped strings in any set are nickel or whatever. ALL PLAIN STRINGS ARE THE SAME! Steel!
  • Superb tone
  • Long lasting
  • Tune and stretch-in easy
  • None
By Indian J.
Ramona, SoCal
Great strings!
November 8, 2019
I use these strings on 2 of my Carvin-Kiesel guitars- one a SH-550 semi-hollow body, all mahogany with koa top, and they sing in the high notes amazingly well, as the koa is known for that. The other, a Contour 66, one-piece mahogany body, flame maple top, maple neck with ebony fretboard, has an almost incredible Rolling Stones rock 'n' roll sound, and screams on slide, especially with these strings. The pure nickel really brings out the classic warmth of these guitars, strong, solid, healthy, hearty, and full of life!
  • Live up the the name 'Stay In Tune'! Consistent pack to pack, well balanced, nice ring to them. They bring out the richness in the wood in the guitar.
  • None
By Andrew
Pure nickel for the asat bluesboy
June 1, 2014
These strings feel, sound great. Tune up quickly with restringing and actually do stay in tune better. 1/2 the cost of some other's pure nickel strings. Can't be beat for the price. Fo sho.
By Nic
SIT Pure Nickel Strings
April 4, 2014
Hard to find pure nickel strings these days, especially at the music store...even though they all say "nickel wound" on the package! Yeah, nickel plated steel wound. I remember when all guitar strings were made this way. Now companies make them out of steel and plate them with nickel to save money...of course, those savings go to the profiteers and not the players....I have been so blessed to find this website, and the nice variety of pure nickel strings that cannot be found in the retail music stores in my town.
By Dean H.
July 8, 2011
Best strings I've ever tried. (Been playing 35 years.) Pure Nickel is the way to go. Beautiful chime on the high notes w/o being harsh in any way and defined tight punchiness on the lows just like I like it. I tried these first on my fav guitar a Godin xtsa. This was my first time trying SIT strings so I only bought two sets of the Pure Nickel. But I can assure you I'll be back for more and try them on my other guitars to see if they fit their "personality" as well as the Godin. Great job SIT and thanks JustStrings!
By Kevin B.
Great Strings!
December 28, 2010
Great strings. I put them on my tele with Joe Barden pickups. Fantastic clarity, warm smooth and play nice! Great Strings, great price!
By Kwinter
SIT Nickel Power Groove .010-.046 set
August 14, 2009
Very consistent strings pack after pack. Great tone, never brittle or too brite sounding. They last a long time and don't break easily. These are my favorite strings by far. They also do what they say - they Stay in Tune better than any other string I've used and been playing guitar and bass over 25 years. I've tried others but always keep coming back to these. A little more $'s than some, but for the consistency, tone and stay in tune well worth it.






1st E

Plain Steel



2nd B

Plain Steel



3rd G

Plain Steel



4th D

Pure Nickel Wrap



5th A

Pure Nickel Wrap



6th E

Pure Nickel Wrap




Power Groove

"Same technology used in the Power Wound strings, but with a pure nickel cover wrap. This soft alloy produces great feel and intonation, and will really bring out the sound in vintage guitars."

The Company

"When the S.I.T. Strings Company was started in 1973, we wanted to be different from any other in the industry. Extensive marketing and large sales were never our primary goals. Due to the fact that we both had a love for the guitar and music, the company always reflected our enthusiasm for change. And change is what this company was based on, never being content with the standards of everyone else, but always striving for a higher level. By creating and inventing things that had never been thought of before, S.I.T. has always made strings that change things.

Quality control was also a major concern, and it was discovered long ago that only caring machine operators could be permitted to construct musical instrument strings. Each and every piece had to have the individual attention of the engineer, and our strings are still made this way today.

After S.I.T.'s humble start, it was not long before professional and amateur players alike were demanding the product on an international scale. Since that time, we have grown by leaps and bounds, and are always looking for ways to create new products and improve old ones.

S.I.T. is committed to, as well as thankful to, the musicians who made us what we are. We will always strive to stay the most progressive string company in the world.

Why not inspect our strings closely and prove this to yourself? Stop by for a free factory tour, and see them made while you wait.

The improvements and innovations have only just begun, and as we move into the next century there will always be room for improvement. We invite you to be a partner along that journey with us."


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