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S I T Strings Resophonic Guitar Dobro Guitar 80/20 Silencers, .017 - .056, DBRGL-1756

S I T  Strings Resophonic Guitar Dobro Guitar 80/20 Silencers, .017 - .056, DBRGL-1756
S I T Strings
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By James
They make the resonator sing!
December 19, 2020
Like these strings a lot. They last a good long while, and really ring out.
By Tim
Happy with these strings
December 1, 2020
SIT strings have given me the best string life and tone for several years now. I don't change my strings until I notice a real degradation in the tone and for SIT strings, this usually means at least a years worth of playing. I use them on my August Guitar and my Sheerhorn resonator and they are certainly worth it. The reso naturally takes a lot of abuse from the slide and from the picks and I can see some wear at the end of their life, but tone is still great. Occasional experimentation with other strings always brings me back.
Pros+ Long life + Resistance to wear + Tone + Low Noise
By Craig
Kansas City, MO
New to me, but will be my go-to strings
May 12, 2019
I've been playing Dobro for about 3 years and have tried lots of brands. While they all had their pluses, I've never been completely happy. (It could have something to do with the fact that I'm playing an inexpensive instrument, though I put a Beard Legend cone and bone nut on it).

Anyway, I decided to try the SIT semi-flat Silencers and WOW they are much brighter than the phosphor bronze I was using!! Also, the overall volume went up 20-30%. They are really loud, which I like. And as the name says, there is almost no noise from the slide rubbing on the strings. So, am I happy? You bet I am. I’ll be buying lots more of these.

One other thing I did this time was to change the tuning. (I don't play a lot of bluegrass, preferring a wide range from country to folk to blues). Instead of standard GBDGBD I bought a single 10 as well and made the tuning GDGBDG (I use a similar DADF#AD tuning on my lap steel). The 3 wound strings are used primarily for alternating bass notes, which sound good, and the high unwound strings just sing! Having 3 G notes (a high G as well as the low and middle G notes) really changes the sound of the instrument. There are times it approaches the sound of a steel guitar.

I'm not sure I can out banjo a banjo, but I'm getting close.
ProsBright...Loud...little or no steel on string noise. Great price.
ConsHaven't found one yet, though beware that the envelopes might be mislabeled. Mine were labeled EADGBE for a regular 6-string guitar, not GBDGBD for a Dobro. It may just be that they haven't printed envelopes for the resonator strings yet.
By Rich K.
July 5, 2011
I have always been very pleased with the quality, price and selection of products that I have purchased from Just Strings. Your service is excellent also. I will continue to purchase from you.


Rich Kenny
By docletts
sit 80/20 silencers
March 5, 2011
Been playing dobro for years, tried almost every brand, keep ending up with SIT, and these always come out on top! great strings, great price.
By Rich K.
S I T Silencers
January 31, 2011
I tried my first set of these today and I am very impressed. My guitar just BOOMS with these on it. I made two dobros at once. Each was constructed exactly the same way. One had silencers on it while the other had a different brand. The silencers out performed the others two to one. I will be ordering more soon.

Rich Kenny
Cariboo musical Instruments
By Cariboo I.
S.I.T. DBRGL - 1756 dobro strings
September 17, 2010
Haven't put them on yet but will soon. Can't wait to try them out on the new dobro I'm building.






1st E

Plain Steel



2nd B

Plain Steel



3rd G#

Silencer Bronze Wrap



4th E

Silencer Bronze Wrap



5th B

Silencer Bronze Wrap



6th E

Silencer Bronze Wrap





"Your choice of stainless steel, nickel or Golden Bronze cover wrap. Gauging is perfect for experiences Dobro players."

The Company

"When the S.I.T. Strings Company was started in 1973, we wanted to be different from any other in the industry. Extensive marketing and large sales were never our primary goals. Due to the fact that we both had a love for the guitar and music, the company always reflected our enthusiasm for change. And change is what this company was based on, never being content with the standards of everyone else, but always striving for a higher level. By creating and inventing things that had never been thought of before, S.I.T. has always made strings that change things.

Quality control was also a major concern, and it was discovered long ago that only caring machine operators could be permitted to construct musical instrument strings. Each and every piece had to have the individual attention of the engineer, and our strings are still made this way today.

After S.I.T.'s humble start, it was not long before professional and amateur players alike were demanding the product on an international scale. Since that time, we have grown by leaps and bounds, and are always looking for ways to create new products and improve old ones.

S.I.T. is committed to, as well as thankful to, the musicians who made us what we are. We will always strive to stay the most progressive string company in the world.

Why not inspect our strings closely and prove this to yourself? Stop by for a free factory tour, and see them made while you wait.

The improvements and innovations have only just begun, and as we move into the next century there will always be room for improvement. We invite you to be a partner along that journey with us."


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