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Savarez Classical Traditional Normal/High Tension Set, .028 - .042, Red Card, Nylon Treble/Wound Bass, 520R

Savarez Classical Traditional Normal/High Tension Set, .028 - .042, Red Card, Nylon Treble/Wound Bass, 520R
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By Brian
520 R rectified
December 8, 2014
I'm really happy to see so many others using these strings. I sort of gravitated to them many years ago. Somehow, they were standard, and I could not get away from the rectified nylon trebles with the smooth mix of tonalities across the board (excuse the pun). The sense of control, even with the often deliberate "rub" along the string. You get a sure grip when near the bridge and snap and no buzz. I guess I'll buy some more.
By Steve W.
Perfect strings for me after extended experimentation
November 30, 2011
In my opinion on my 665mm scale guitar, the Savarez Red Card 520R are ideal strings. They produce the warm-yet-clear sound I hear in my head and the rectified trebles are amazingly controllable under both hands. My descending ligado technique is remarkably easier and louder with the 520R's textured trebles.

I have been comparing popular sets over the last two months and the 520Rs are the easy choice. Other strings compared: Augustine Imperial Blue (runner-up), Luthier Popular Supreme 20 (3rd place) and, in alpha, D'Addario Pro Arte EJ45 and EJ46, Hannabach Silver Special 815 MT, La Bella 2001 MT, Savarez Cristal Corum Red, Savarez HT Alliance Blue.

To my ears and fingers, the 520Rs produce the best quality and variety of sound while making my guitar infinitely easier and more rewarding to play.
By Mike L.
Savarez Red Card
March 28, 2011
I did recording tests on my Pavan TP-30, playing identical short pieces with quite a number of different string sets. I used the same mic positions and recording settings on each. In the end, I found the Savarez red card produced the best and most professional sound of anything I tried.

From the player's vantage point, I knew these strings sounded good to my ear as I played, but I was shocked at just now good they sounded when listening back to the recording.

These strings really bring out the woody quality of my guitar. They offer a wonderful crispness in the trebles that is often lacking in other duller sounding sets. The bass is also nice and deep.

I wasn't sure at first if I would like rectified trebles, but now I'm hooked. I don't see myself using any other strings at this point.
By Jimz
Savarez 520R Strings
June 29, 2010
Lovely, long lasting bright tone. I really like the way they make my Yamaha CGX-111SCA sound. They stay bright longer than other brands that I have tried. I'm happy with the service and price at Juststrings.com
By Sammy B.
Red Card
June 2, 2010
Excellent products, excellent service.
By dn
May 21, 2010
I've used Savarez for the last 14 years and will probably never switch. great sound great feel.
By mke
Savarez Classical Strings High Tension
December 6, 2009
Not as bright as what I'm hearing on this blog, however, I have a cedar top koa back and sides guitar that tends to be mellow to start with. Tone is as smooth as good whiskey. they feel like butter under your fingers and beg for fast runs up and down the fretboard. Do yourself a favor and try a set of these.
By li
savarez 520R
November 30, 2009
Trebles are a bit bright, but have a very open sound. Strong basses provide good balance.
By Thomas A.
Savarez 520R, a cut above any $10 set of strings!
August 14, 2009
These strings were beautiful from the very beginning. It took about three days to set in the string and stabilize the tuning. The highs are bright and round with a lovely sustain. The bass beginnings are crisp and melt into a velvety sustain that sometimes needs dampened due to its length. I am very pleased with these strings and I find the price to define a true value for the enthusiast of classical music. Do yourself a favor and try a set of these Savarez 520R!






1st E

Rectified Nylon Treble



2nd B

Rectified Nylon Treble



3rd G

Rectified Nylon Treble



4th D

Traditional Wound Bass



5th A

Traditional Wound Bass



6th E

Traditional Wound Bass




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