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Savarez Classical Corum High Tension Set, .029 - .043, Blue Card, Cristal Treble/Corum Silver Wound Bass, 500CJ

Savarez Classical Corum High Tension Set, .029 - .043, Blue Card, Cristal Treble/Corum Silver Wound Bass, 500CJ
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By Jack J.
These are 5 star strings
May 29, 2016
Definitely more volume and brightness than the DAddario EJ46's I replaced them with. Both sets are about the same gauge. I hear no tuning or intonation issues. The other reviewers here expect strings to last and last, but no nylon string set out there should be expected to last long under hard and long playing conditions. Basses 2-3 weeks, trebles 4-5 weeks, if played hard. That's about it. And the length and condition of your nails is also a factor in string life. Years of playing on nylon tells a big story about nylon strings. I'll be using this set from now on, they sound just fine.
By Holly T.
Bad E string
June 8, 2013
The Corum basses for some reason was a bit buzzy the 4th string when I capo. Other than that the basses last for quite a long time. The trebles are a different story. I bought 2 sets to try out. After a couple of weeks the trebles strings where my right hand strikes were crazed. They lasted only a month before the intonation started to go bad. My second set the 1st E string broke at the bridge after restringing. I retied and same thing happened and it got my on my wrist as is snapped while I was playing. I am not pleased with the cristal trebles at all.
By Mons
Savarez Corum New Cristal
September 6, 2011
I'm uncertain how useful it is to rate strings. Most strings from most name brands are of good (and comparable) quality. What determines your choice of strings is, I feel, mostly personal preference and what works well with the particular instrument(s) you own.

The main problem with classical guitar strings, of course, is the intonation. I tried the Savarez Corum New Cristal 500CJ set after I found out a guitarist I admire uses them. My hope was that the intonation would be better and more consistent than the ones I have been using.

I was disappointed in this. I ordered three sets to be on the safe side, and had to use strings from all of them in order to make up a complete set with just reasonable intonation. The sound quality was excellent, but not quite to my taste. Since the intonation was no better, and perhaps worse, than what I was using before, I have therefore gone back to the old ones (the Savarez 540J set).

I have yet to find a brand, or set, with consistently good intonation. This is particularly true of the treble strings. Has anyone found such a set, or do they just not exist? I am speaking as someone who has played for many years, although I'm mainly a steel string player.






1st E

 New Cristal Treble



2nd B

 New Cristal Treble



3rd G

 New Cristal Treble



4th D

 Corum Silver Plated Wound



5th A

 Corum Silver Plated Wound



6th E

 Corum Silver Plated Wound




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