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Savarez Classical Corum Standard Tension Set, .024 - .042, Red Card, Plain Carbon Fiber Treble/Corum Silver Wound Bass, 500AR

Savarez Classical Corum Standard Tension Set, .024 - .042, Red Card, Plain Carbon Fiber Treble/Corum Silver Wound Bass, 500AR
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By Philw
Savarez Classical Corum Standard
January 3, 2018
I have tried quite a few different strings for my Taylor NS32, but have been most pleased with the tone and reliability of these. Agreed that the time they settle is the time to think about changing them, but that was no different from any others.
By Hopdedix
Nice but,
January 31, 2011
Both the bass strings and the trebles sound exceptionally bright which is great however it takes them a long time to settle in. Even after they are settled in they need to be tuned in between songs. The intonation doesn't sound as good as some other strings. The D string is still dull sounding.
By Robert D.
Savarez Classical Corum Std Tension Set 500AR
December 5, 2010
These Savarez Classical Corum strings may very well be the best strings I have ever found.
They make the guitar come alive with resonance and clarity in classical or flamenco pieces. Brilliance and balance would be suitable for fine recording or live playing.
Thanks to Juststrings.com for making these available.
By pete c.
savarez classical corum standard tension
November 11, 2010
These are the BOMB! My search for the ultimate string has ended. Try these ASAP! You,ll be glad you did.

By Helen H.
Savarez classical corum std tension set
June 25, 2010
By Scott
February 24, 2010
These strings add life and volume, but the basses don't last as long as the 540R.
By MartyL
Savarez Corum Red Card
December 29, 2009
I've tried quite a number of string types for my Pavan TP-30, and these are my favorite so far. I deduct one star though, because too often the high E breaks shortly after installation -- so I keep an extra on-hand. They take a long time to settle in, but then sound wonderful.
By Paul V.
October 10, 2009
Very well balanced. I have them on a Hill Master Series Hauser '37. Could not be more pleased.
By Eljay W.
Savarez 500AR Classical strings
September 21, 2009
Ads in France indicate this set has Kevlar trebles. Whatever the material, they are unusually thin and flexible but have a range of expression beyond player expectations. Will bring out all the possibilities of a fine nylon string guitar and exceed performance of dozens of other strings I have used. The Oasis GX-1123NT offers similar trebles, but Savarez has a uniform balance of tone and range in this 6 string set that exceeds even the D'Addario EJ45Cs. Classical, jazz or flamenco, try these; you won't be dissappointed for the money.
By Gord
Savarez Corum
August 30, 2009
Great strings, they make my guitar sound as good as it can.






1st E

Alliance Plain Carbon Fiber Treble



2nd B

Alliance Plain Carbon Fiber Treble



3rd G

Alliance Plain Carbon Fiber Treble



4th D

Corum Silver Plated Wound Bass



5th A

Corum Silver Plated Wound Bass



6th E

Corum Silver Plated Wound Bass




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