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Savarez Classical Corum High Tension Set, .025 - .044, Blue Card, Plain Carbon Fiber Treble/Corum Silver Wound Bass, 500AJ

Savarez Classical Corum High Tension Set, .025 - .044, Blue Card, Plain Carbon Fiber Treble/Corum Silver Wound Bass, 500AJ
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By Kendall W.
Madison, Wisconsin
Great tone- last long
June 10, 2021
I have used these strings for over 5 years and find them to be quite stable. They sound great and I have had some sets lasting 6 to 8 months playing them every day. Great consistency between sets as well!
ProsLong lasting, great tone.
By Charles K.
My feelings about Savarez 500AJ is reinforced.
March 3, 2020
I have used Savarez Corum Alliance 500AJ strings for over 10 years. In a few words, I love them. Their tone, brightness, and feel are the best I have used. I shopped around but usually bought my strings from my favorite local guitar store.

When I needed to replenish stock, I noticed that the price had jumped about $4 per set, but Savarez had introduced their new Cristal line at a couple of bucks less than the cost of the 500AJ strings. I got a set of the 500CR strings and put them on my guitar. I really was disappointed. The strings just didn't have the rich sound that I had become accustomed to. I finally decided that I would pay the extra cost for the 500AJ strings. I checked out JustStrings.com, and their price was the same price that I had been paying. Thank goodness.

So now I will continue to get my Savarez 500AJ strings from JustStrings.com.
By Ben
August 10, 2011
My classical guitar was sounding dark and lifeless. These strings did more for the sound and projection than any new set on a guitar I have tried. I don't know if it's the higher tension yet not much thicker trebles, but the whole top seems to come alive and resonate. Clarity without being thin sounding. I am very happy, will keep the guitar and will buy these strings from now on.
By Mark
January 12, 2011
Love these strings, fantastic projection, they are fantastic for performances. Only complaint is their lifespan, don't last a whole long time (especially if you practice 2-3 hours a day). But other than that what a great product.
By Andrew
Savarez Classical Corum High Tension
October 18, 2010
I've tried and used numerous brands and types of strings. I have a small collection of high end classical guitars. These strings are the best I've used. I would highly recommend them.
By Bob P.
Savare Classical Corum High Tension
April 21, 2010
After using the classic pink high tension Savarez with the wound G string for 20+ years, I thought I was set...but not so:

I needed some new strings for a recording gig, in a hurry, and couldn't get my "old standard" in time. Store had the Classical Corum High Tension set, though, which the sales guy said were great.

I tried 'em and am now completely sold. An excellent set of strings...and the G string just rings like a bell. I absolutely love them!

One note: it's true that they do last longer than other sets, but if you're practicing/recording/performing a LOT, they will wear out sooner than you like. Just the nature of the nylon beast, imho. They still sound fine for gigging...but, for a truly crisp sound in the bass strings (especially when you're recording and want the sound to stay somewhat consistent from tune to tune), I buy a couple of extra single E/A/D strings for when the old ones get those fret indentations showing. The G/B/E strings last longer. In fact...to my ear, they sound better when you put the second set of bass strings on.

But they are great strings. The sound is pure...
By Igor
Super Strings
April 19, 2010
Excellent strings for a low price! I have used this model for 3 years. The carbon strings sound good longer than the usual nylon, and "corum" basses last for 3-4 weeks, different from the usual nylon which after a week cease to sound normal!
By geoff P.
Savarez Corum strings
December 28, 2009
These are quality strings - the basses are fairly thin for their tension, making for a vibrant and clean sound - they are well wound with accurate intonation - carbon fibre treble strings are the future, being more resonant and lasting far longer than nylon - I used to change trebles every 3 gigs - now i get up to 8 gigs per set.






1st E

Alliance Plain Carbon Fiber Treble



2nd B

Alliance Plain Carbon Fiber Treble



3rd G

Alliance Plain Carbon Fiber Treble



4th D

Corum Silver Plated Wound Bass



5th A

Corum Silver Plated Wound Bass



6th E

Corum Silver Plated Wound Bass




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