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RotoSound Electric Jazz Bass Monel Flatwound Long Scale 5 String, .045 - .130, RS775LD

RotoSound Electric Jazz Bass Monel Flatwound Long Scale 5 String, .045 - .130, RS775LD
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By David INgham
March 9, 2014
RotoSound RS775LD flatwounds
I purchased a set of these based on reviews from the TalkBass forum. I'm not that impressed with them, they are VERY hard on the fingers...not smooth at all like I would expect from flatwound strings. I do like the tone you can get from them, but i also had to really work at it to get the sound i wanted. I've played them for one practice session (about 2 hours) and one 4 hour gig. By the end of the 3rd hour of the gig, my fingers felt bruised and blistered. I'll be changing them to a smoother string as soon as I can get some ordered and put on.
By David Bianga
May 20, 2011
Jazz Bass Monel Flatwound
I use these on a Carvin AC50 semi-hollow 5 string fretless bass. True to Rotosound, they have a unique tone. They are not the most comfortable string to play, and you have to "dig in" and work to get the tone out em, but when you do you are rewarded with glorious tone unobtainable with conventional flatwounds. I can't imagine using anything else. Keep em clean, and they'll keep their tone for a long time as well. A bit pricey.
By Johnny Loudenrude
April 21, 2011
Bass strings RS775LD
I give Just for strings and Rotosound 5 Stars in fact I am getting ready to order again today. K
By Jeff
April 6, 2011
Jazz Flats!
Tight and smooth just like a good set of flats should be!
By Bill
April 10, 2010
RotoSound Jazz 77s
I tried these on a Gibson Thunderbird and it's not a good combination. I was hoping for a round sound, almost like an upright, but it sounded sort of thin. There may be nothing wrong with the strings, just don't put them on a Thunderbird.

Also, for flatwounds, they were very hard on my fingertips, especially on my plucking hand. I think the was because I had to really pluck hard to get any sort of response. Again, it may not be the strings, but I'm ordering some roundwounds immediately.
By Mark
March 31, 2010
Nice sound
I was expecting a much smoother string - like the strings on my upright bass.. These look (to my ignorant eyes) more like a ground string, but I went ahead and strung up my fretless with them anyway. Bright, punchy, rich in harmonics, good piano-like tone. I have never experienced monel strings before, but if these last as long and keep their sound the way the stainless 66's do, I'll be happy for a very long time.
By Jay
February 25, 2010
RotoSound Jazz Bass Monel Flatwounds
I have been using these on my Fender American 5 string P-bass for a couple of weeks now, and I am impressed! Kind of bright sounding for flats, but work great for finger style. Can really pop and pronounce notes with ease. I think I have found a new string set.
By Byron Harlan
November 26, 2009
RotoSound Jazz 77s
I found these strings to be simply outstanding. I use them on a neck-through 5 string Warwick Thumb and the tone is round, full and the sound is quite dynamic, more so than I thought possible from flats. Interesting too that the ring from the harmonics is quite strongly and believe it or not, they slap and pop quite well. I wanted to go with flats to achieve a more vintage sound and eliminate hand chirp. These do that and way more.
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