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RotoSound Swing Bass Nickel Plated 5 String Roundwound Long Scale, .045 - .130, RS665LDN

RotoSound Swing Bass Nickel Plated 5 String Roundwound Long Scale, .045 - .130, RS665LDN
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By Rickter
My new favorites - RS665LDN
October 12, 2017
I've probably spent a few hundred dollars on strings in the last year trying to find that tonal nirvana that we all seek. So far my favorite had been Rotosound RS66s in the usual Stainless Steel. I love their zing, but there wasn't enough of that pillowy low end that I expected from my Precision 5 string. Seeking something that would give that low end warmth but still have the high end zing and mid range punch, I tried Slinkys (in all 5 string gauges offered), D'Addario ProSteels, and more recently GHS Boomers. Slinkys got close, but were still missing something. I liked the GHS strings, and I liked them after they aged some, which is rare, but they still never had that special something, whether new or broken in. I still keep coming back to the Rotosounds having a growl, punch and zing that I just can't seem to live without. I decided that I would try the Nickel Rotosounds this time around. Lo and behold, exactly what I had been looking for. The zing, punch and growl that I loved in the Stainless RS66s, but now with that warm low end that I was looking for. I think I will be sticking with these for the foreseeable future.
By Matt D.
very nice strings!
August 6, 2011
I have tried a multitude of different strings, but the nickel swing bass Roto's are the best yet! I love the rich tone I get from them. In fact, after putting on a new set, my bandmates asked if I had gotten a new bass! They make that much of a difference.
By mike
RotoSound Swing Bass Nickel Plated 5 String Roundwound
March 19, 2011
I have been experimenting with various nickel plated stings attempting to produce the sound that I am looking for. I wanted to have the ability to produce warm lows without sacrificing brightness. I have tried ernie ball slinky, GHS Boomers, D'Addario XL and found the Rotosound Swing Nickels provide a good balance of how and lows. Also, the swing bass strings produces the best B string sound. I experienced the sloppy b string of most other manufacturers.
By Kirk
Rotosound RS66LDN Strings
August 7, 2010
I love these strings! Everyone tries to sell DR's. These are so much nicer sounding to me. The nickle doesn't grab your fingers like the stainless steel 66 strings do. The sound is warmer. I just love them.
Don't get me wrong, the RS66 stainless are great sounding too (my second favorite). I like the red silk on the stainless strings. But I like these nickle coated strings better (blue silk and all)! Rotosound is on everything I own!
By Andy S.
Rotosound RS665LDN
October 21, 2009
I used Rotosound nickel strings for 25+ years then went to Thomastik powerbass strings for my Warwick Thumb 5 for about 7 years. The Thomastik is a fantastic string. But I recently bought a set of these Rotosound nickel strings and cannot believe the difference. These strings have a very distinct bell like after tone tone that no other string has. They are powerfull, rich and have a sound all their own. Its no wonder the worlds top bassists use these. Try them and be impressed. The finest string money can buy and a long life to match. I am returning to my roots!
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