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RotoSound Electric Guitar Strings

RotoSound Electric Pure Nickel, .009 - .042, PN9
Price: $12.95
RotoSound Electric Pure Nickel, .010 - .046, PN10
Price: $12.95
RotoSound Electric Pure Nickel, .011 - .048, PN11
Price: $12.95
Sale: $11.21
RotoSound Electric Guitar Nickel Electrics, .013 - .054, R13
Price: $6.95
Sale: $6.23
“Amazing! These things just ring. I didn't believe there could be such a difference,” exclaims a player of Rotosound’s PN11 set. Five series of electric guitar strings are available from Rotosound – including more than twenty different sets. The series are British Steels, Nexus, Pure Nickel, Rotos and Monel Flatwound.

The British Steels series included three sets, super light to medium gauges, whose wound strings have a high iron content, stainless steel wrap. With this increased electromagnetic response, these strings have clarity and punch. A BS10 set player says, “Really interesting strings! Well balanced, a bit rigid to play (yes, it's the steel). Sound is bright enough, but not too crisp. Ideal for rhythm or fingerstyle. In general, they have a nice acoustic tone, but aristocratically restrained - very British.”

The two sets in the Nexus series are also super light to regular gauges, with black polymer coated wound strings, called Type 52 pure nickel alloy. This special alloy gives a boost to the sound. Black polycoating on the wound strings and gold tone plating on the plain strings give a smooth feel with a rich tone and long life. “These are the only black coated strings that I know that have noncoated strings that are still slick. The tone is warm and sweet, great for jazz blues, or even Santana's Samba Pa Ti,” says a NXE10 player.

The Pure Nickel series, which has three sets from super light to medium gauge, is Rotosounds “top of the range electrics” with solid nickel wraps that have excellent magnetic response, a big sound, and clear intonation. A customer who uses the PN10 sets states, “Sound and playability is amazing and they last a long time - very warm, very vintage sounding.”

Outstanding brilliance and power with a smooth tone and long life make the Roto series very popular. Their round wound strings are nickel plated wrap on a steel core. They are available in twelve different sets, including three seven string sets and two “double decker” sets. Gauges are super light to heavy. “Full-bodied, articulate, classic sound on these quality strings.....even with 11’s, they do not feel stiff, still bend easily.....long-lasting,” says a R11 player. A happy customer also reports of the R13 set, “Great sustain. Pluck the string, go make yourself a drink, come back... still ringing.”

Rotosound’s Monel set is composed of four extra smooth, flat wound strings and two plain steel strings. They were developed for fusion, jazz or to just to lower finger noise. “A great string that most jazz guitarists have never heard of. All the warmth and feel of more expensive sets at a third the price! … I think the monel alloy (pure nickel/copper) may even extend the life of the strings compared to pure nickel, with no sacrifice in tone.”
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