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RotoSound Electric Bass Guitar Strings

(RotoSound Strings are only available for shipment to addresses in the United States, U.S. Territories & Possessions, and APO/FPO destinations.)

Single RotoSound bass strings are available here: RotoSound Bass Singles.

Not sure what length you need? This might help: Bass String Lengths by Manufacturer
RotoSound was the first company to make roundwound bass strings, with their Swing Bass 66 line. These Rotosound bass strings remain the most popular roundwound string ever. We carry RotoSound Swing Bass 66 strings, RotoSound Solo Bass 55 strings, RotoSound Jazz Bass 77 strings, RotoSound Tru Bass 88 strings and RotoSound Piano String 99 strings. We also carry the newer Drop Zone and Nexus Coated Rotosound bass strings.

RotoSound Swing Bass 66 roundwound electric bass strings are available in both stainless steel and nickel plated steel. They are the original roundwound bass string, introduced in 1962. Swing Bass 66 Rotosound bass strings created the sound of the modern bass guitar.  They are available in many gauges and in all scale lengths. As the go-to string for many pros, including John Paul Jones, Geddy Lee and Billy Sheehan, Rotosound strings remain extremely popular.

RotoSound Solo Bass 55 are the original pressure wound bass string, first introduced in the mid 1970’s. They are similar to the Swing Bass 66, but the wrap wire is put through a special rolling machine that compresses it slightly.  Unlike a ground wound string, Solo Bass 55 pressurewounds lose none of their mass, so they retain their bright tone. The flattened winding of these Rotosound bass strings help cut down on finger noise and fret wear. They will work well on fretless basses and in studio situations.

RotoSound Jazz Bass 77 Monel Flatwound bass strings are unique. They are the only manufacturer to produce a flatwound string made from Monel alloy.  The special Monel construction produces a unique tone. RotoSound Jazz Bass 77 strings were voted the favorite flatwound bass strings at Bass Player Magazine.

RotoSound Tru Bass 88 Black Nylon tapewound strings have a very smooth surface and extra low string tension. They transform your electric bass into an upright bass style tone machine. These Rotosound strings are well suited for fretless basses as well as dub, fusion, jazz and reggae. Rotosound PSD Bass 99 Piano String Design strings are stainless steel roundwound strings with exposed cores at the bridge. They are very bright and have great sustain.

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