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Requinto Strings

D'Addario Requinto Strings
GHS Requinto Strings
Hannabach Requinto Strings
La Bella Requinto Strings
In Portuguese and Spanish, the term requinto literally means a higher-pitched version of an instrument, and the standard requinto guitar is nearly 20% smaller than a standard sized guitar. Popular in Latin America and Spain, requintos feature six strings like a guitar, but the requinto strings are tuned four notes higher than a standard guitar’s tuning, making the typical tuning A-D-G-C-E-A. The requinto guitar can be strummed or played for melody. We feature requinto guitar strings from D’Addario, GHS, Hannabach and La Bella, and each brand of strings provide unique qualities to complement the characteristics of your instrument. For enhanced projection, the bass strings of GHS, La Bella and D’Addario requinto strings feature a silver winding, while Hannabach manufactures requinto (alto) strings to fit 535mm and 575mm scaled instruments. As a trusted source in hard-to-find instrument strings, we are happy to assist you in finding your ideal requinto string set.
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