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Durable and budget friendly with an excellent tone, Super-Sensitive’s Red Label viola strings have been highly recommended student strings for over 80 years. Preferred by Suzuki Method instructors and music teachers, Red Label viola strings feature a round solid steel core with a flat nickel winding. The steel core and nickel winding produce a rich, brilliant tone and offer a high degree of tuning stability. The round solid steel core also provides easy bowing response, increasing the strings’ playability for learning students. An excellent choice for students of all ages, Red Label viola strings are available for full scaled violas (15-16 1/2”) and four fractional sizes (12”-14”). Red Label strings are available in a medium gauge for fractional sizes, the preferred gauge of a majority of violists. The full sized strings are available in a medium gauge, a heavy (orchestra) gauge and a light (soft) gauge. Single strings are also offered in standard size in all three gauges. Although the strings provide an excellent tone and are expertly manufactured, Red Label viola strings are value priced. Take the first step to first chair with high quality, student friendly Red Label viola strings.
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