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Pyramid Electric Bass Guitar Strings

As Pyramid says, “Bass strings are the connection between the fingers and the instrument,” so choosing the best material, winding and scale length for your playing style and instrument is crucial. We offer Pyramid bass strings in pure nickel flatwounds, pure nickel roundwounds, stainless steel roundwounds and chrome-nickel flatwounds. Most of these bass sets are regular long scale, however Pyramid’s “Gold” flatwound sets are available in short and long scale.

Pyramid pure nickel roundwound bass strings will give you a warm, full, rich tone. Fretless bass players will find them especially pleasing.

If you are looking for an aggressive sound, Pyramid’s stainless steel roundwound sets deliver with the full harmonic spectrum.

With both types of Pyramid’s flatwound, bass strings, you will have very minimal string noise and lower action than is possible with roundwound strings. Pyramid “Gold” pure nickel, flatwound bass sets were developed in 1956 with Walter Hofner for his first Hofner 500/1 electric bass guitar. The pure nickel, flat winding over a chrome steel core gives a rich, warm sound favored by rhythm and blues players and has an ultra-smooth touch. If you are looking for a rich, vintage sound that retains bright note definition, these are the strings to try. Available in short and long scale. Pyramid also has flatwound strings that are chrome-nickel wound that also delivers a vintage sound, especially on older basses. On fretless basses, these strings can provide a double bass sound.

Pyramid combines tradition with state of the art. Their long history of making musical instruments and strings combined with the use of sophisticated electronic equipment knowledge of acoustics gives them a unique understanding and experience to produce exceptional musical instrument strings for modern, traditional and historical instruments.
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