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Pyramid Bouzouki

Pyramid Bouzouki strings have two series – Greek and Irish. Six or eight string sets are available. Scale length for all sets is 69 cm and all have loop ends. They are designed for both acoustic and electric playing.

The Greek or traditional Bouzouki sets have silver-plated, plain steel strings and nickel-plated steel, wound strings. They are tuned DDAADF for the six string set and DDAADFDC for the eight string set.

The Irish Bouzouki sets are both eight strings. One is tuned “unisono” – EEAADDGG. The other set is an octave set with D and G octave strings. Both have silver-plated, plain steel strings and 80/20 bronze (brass) wound strings.

Pyramid combines tradition with state of the art. Their long history of making musical instruments and strings combined with the use of sophisticated electronic equipment knowledge of acoustics gives them a unique understanding and experience to produce exceptional musical instrument strings for modern, traditional and historical instruments.
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