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Pyramid Banjo Strings

Pyramid Guitar Banjo Ball End 6-String Set, 514 100
Price: $8.80
Pyramid Tenor Banjo Nickel Set, 521 100
PYR_521 100
Price: $16.64
Sale: $14.98
Pyramid Tenor Banjo Stainless Steel Light Set, 510 100
PYR_510 100
Price: $16.64
Sale: $14.98
Pyramid Tenor Banjo Stainless Steel Medium Set, 511 100
PYR_511 100
Price: $16.64
Sale: $14.98
Pyramid Tenor Banjo Bronze Set, 512 100
PYR_512 100
Price: $16.64
Sale: $14.98
Pyramid Irish Banjo Brass Set, 522 100
PYR_522 100
Price: $21.95
Pyramid Irish Banjo Nickel Set, 523 100
PYR_523 100
Price: $16.64
Sale: $14.98
Pyramid Banjo

Pyramid Banjo strings are available in five series – tenor, Irish, plectrum, 5-string banjo and guitar banjo.

Guitar banjos have six, ball-end strings with three silver-plated plain steel (.009, .012, .0.16) and three silver-plated wound strings (.020, .029, .035). The scale length is 62 Cm. Guitar banjos are tuned like guitars (EADGBE).

Tenor banjo strings are available from Pyramid with four strings (ADGC). Choose from stainless steel, nickel, phosphor bronze or 80/20 bronze (brass) wound strings. All sets have two wound and two plain steel strings, except the phosphor bronze set which has three plain steel strings. The nickel wound set has silver-plated unwound strings. Pyramid calls the 80/20 bronze (brass) set Irish banjo (EADG), and the nickel wound set Irish Tenor banjo (EADG). All are loop end.

5-String banjo strings come in two 5-string sets with loop ends. They are both tuned DBGCG. The 524 set has a wound, stainless steel fourth string and four Swedish steel unwound strings. The 525 set has two wound strings, the third and fourth, with three Swedish steel unwound strings.

A Plectrum banjo set by Pyramid has four strings with loop ends. The fourth string is stainless steel wound. The scale length is 58 cm and is tuned DBGC.

Pyramid combines tradition with state of the art. Their long history of making musical instruments and strings combined with the use of sophisticated electronic equipment knowledge of acoustics gives them a unique understanding and experience to produce exceptional musical instrument strings for modern, traditional and historical instruments.
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