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Pyramid Pure Nickel Round Wound 6 String, .008 - .038, 400-100

Pyramid Pure Nickel Round Wound 6 String, .008 - .038, 400-100
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By Paul D.
Naples FL
March 25, 2021
I've been playing guitar since 1956 and I've used just about every string made. Now the Pyramid Gold Flat wound strings I use on my acoustic electric Ibanez are in size 12 and for my Ibanez semi hollow body similar to a Gibson ES-339 I use size 10. They have a really full sound and are very comfortable to play, no squeaky noise that round wound have and I do play a lot of slide which just glides across the strings. On my Stratocaster I use PYRAMID PURE NICKEL in size 8. I'm 72 years old and don't gig anymore but I do jam with friends quite a bit. I play my guitars at least 3-4 hours a day ( it's nice to be retired ) and I have to say Pyramid strings last. They are pricey but I get a good year and a half out of a set and they still hold their tone and do not stretch out. I'm sure they can last longer but fretboards and frets do need attention. I play mostly Blues and Smooth Jazz so these strings really fit the bill. Get a set, try them out you won't be disappointed
ProsI just love the tone of Pyramid strings
ConsCons well there aren't any
By Wade H.
Belmont, MS
My Favorites
September 28, 2020
I was buying a set then having to buy singles to make the set I wanted, but these string are what I was trying to get right out of the pack. Also the pure nickol wrap has a more even tone between the bass and treble..
By John M.
Pyramid Pure Nickel .008 - .038
October 21, 2017
After using Ernie Ball Extra Slinkys for years it was clear a change was in order...I was having to purchase RPS ( reinforced plain strings ) .008 single strings ( or RPS Extra Slinky sets when I found them is stores ) due to the .008 consistently unravelling at the ball end...In addition the Ernie Ball were not Pure Nickel. Pure Nickel is a distinct and beautiful sound. I ordered 3 sets of these Pyramid Pure Nickel Extra Lights and was immediately impressed. Superb playability and tone...the B, D, and A were slightly lighter than the Extra Slinkys but that has turned out to be a plus. Low position bending on the A and D strings is more comfortable and the set is well balanced. There is a noticeable improvement in tuning stability and I had a set on for a month with little tuning touch up needed. These strings sound great, feel great and I encourage anyone with an interest in tone and playability to give them a try.
By Jennifer
Pyramid Nickel Strings
August 20, 2014
These are the best strings I have ever used. I think I have tried almost every string on the market and nothing compares to these. They are so easy to bend and the tone is beautiful. And they seem to last forever. The sustain when bending is unbelievable. I use these on all my 1959 Reissue Les Paul's. When I find something I like, I'll use it forever and never change. Once you try these Pyramid strings, I think you'll never go back to other strings.
By Allan
Pyramid GR6838 strings
March 23, 2011
These strings have a full, rich tone. They have less tension, so string bends are smooth as silk. They feel great under the fingers and are enjoyable to play. They are more expensive than most strings, but if you want a full-sounding low tension string, these are great!
By Derek W.
Fantastic strings
January 9, 2010
These are the best strings I have ever had the privilege of playing. They are very slick and bends are amazingly smooth. The tone is very punchy and responsive and the harmonics ring forever. I am also very impressed with how long they last these have survived a month of major abuse of a Kahler tremolo without breaking! I have stretched the crap out of these and they just keep going. I will never use any other string.






1st E

Plain Steel



2nd B

Plain Steel



3rd G

Plain Steel



4th D

Nickel Round Wound



5th A

Nickel Round Wound



6th E

Nickel Round Wound





"PYRAMID Strings are, as exactly as is possible, the same as they were in the late 50's and 60's. They are a super quality, premium string and may be considered expensive compared to the many economy brands on the market but give players the sound they have been seeking for years and last 4-10 times longer than most other strings. PYRAMID strings are actually an exceptional value in this light. Most important, however, is that they are the type of strings (construction, material, gauge and tone/timbre) that created the music and sound of the 50's and 60's in the first place. PYRAMID STRINGS ARE SIMPLY MORE MUSICAL! It is no secret that strings make the most rapid and radical change of almost any of the many factors that make up 'tone'. The spectacular musical tone and timbre of Pyramid strings is as a result of the finest materials being blended by masters of the string makers art. Pure nickel flat wounds and smaller core/heavier nickel wrap round wounds used to be available from several makers. This is no longer true! Expanding market demand for increased quantities of strings, faster production and lower prices, resulted in extinguishing the capability and desire to make these types of strings, among the world's string makers, for the most part. PYRAMID, in contrast, has made only the highest quality strings possible since 1850 and continues to do so today. PYRAMID Gold pure nickel flat wounds are the way flat wounds used to be! They give the player the ability to get exactly, some of the most famous and loved guitar and bass sounds/tones of all time. PYRAMID Maximum Performance pure nickel round wound strings are round wound that sing, combining brilliance with the warmth of pure nickel. Our Maximum Performance pure nickel round wounds are also about one third lower in tension that other strings of the same external gauge. This is the result of our use of smaller higher quality core wire and a larger diameter wrap of expensive pure nickel. This is what creates the superbly balanced and remarkable tone and timbre of these strings."

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