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Pyramid Pure Nickel Maximum Performance Round Wound 6 String, .011 - .050, D506

Pyramid Pure Nickel Maximum Performance Round Wound 6 String, .011 - .050, D506
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Fantastic Strings!
November 11, 2021
The unique chime of these strings is incomparable. Thankfully they usually last three times as long as common mass produced strings.
Chime Definition Sustain Longevity Price
By Anonymous
pyramid strings
February 6, 2021
this set was for a new setup on a Collings city limits std. The luthier I brought it to said there were two bad strings in the set and mentioned that it he's seen it often. I also brought him a Strat style ( Nash s-57) for set up with 10s and that set also had a bad string. Not a big deal. It happens. I am going to go back to D'addarios.

By James
Best Nickel Round Wound
February 6, 2016
I have been playing for over 30 years and have tried several brands of nickel round wounds. These are the best I have come across to date. They have a satisfying, rich tone that lasts, and they do not require significantly more string tension to stay in tune as they age.

I have no problem paying the price for these strings when i am happy to have them on my guitars 3 or 4 times as long as other comparable strings. I use the 11-50 set on a semi-hollow blues guitar, and the string tension is manageable for bends on the top 3 strings.
By BluezMan420
These strings!
November 21, 2011
After doing much research into different brands of pure nickel strings (I don't use nickel-plated steel; it's too bright for me), I decided to "take the plunge" ($15 is a lot for a pack of strings) and try these strings out. Well, after a couple weeks, I can say that the price is not justified by any supposed extra tone life. Historically I wear strings out very quickly (1-2 weeks), and these were no different. The tone was good while it lasted, but not markedly better than most other other pure nickel strings I've tried in the past. I was really hoping these would be worth the hype (and money). Guess not.
By JFLamplification
my Pyramid Pure Nickel Strings
July 13, 2011
I'm an old school amp builder, the Pyramid are simply the very best electric guitar strings I ever tried....
By Kirk
Pyramid strings roundwound
December 7, 2010
After hearing about these strings for some time I finally decided to spend the extra $ to get a set. I am glad I did, they have a great tone and hold their brilliance for much longer than the strings I had been using. The longer life easily compensates for the higher cost. I use these .011" strings on my shorter scale Gibsons.
By Jim J.
October 27, 2010
I've always enjoyed trying a variety of strings - you offer this and at a reasonable price. I especially appreciate the picks you include with each order. They are my favorite!
By Steve
Pyramid Pure Nickel Round Wound 6 String, GR61150
August 24, 2010
Great strings for jazz guitar. They hold up very well & sound terrific!
By Doug
Pyramid Pure Nickel Round Wound 6 String, .011 - .050, GR61150
November 30, 2009
Great string. I prefer a heavier gauge, .011's usually, than most electric guitarists. I have also found that round core strings have less tension and a softer response than hexcore. I put a set on a Tele' and a Les Paul copy. They were not as soft as DR Pure Blues but have a great tonality, maybe a bit brighter than the Pure Blues, and stay in tune very well. I have used other Pyramids in the past and found that they didn't go dead as fast as most strings which makes it worth the extra money IMHO as long as the other factors are right. I will probably stick with DR's on longer scale length instruments such as Strats and Teles and use these on Les Paul type shorter scale electrics.
By Patrick
Review for Pyramid Pure Nickel Round Wound, .011 - .050, GR61150
October 5, 2009
I was suspicious of the hype surrounding what is with shipping a somewhat expensive string set. But after trying them on my main guitar (a cloud9 les paul), I'm sold. Not only do the 11s feel slinky like 10s, they also last and last. I was able to wring nearly two months of gigs and regular practices out of a single set - where I would've normally gone through three or four sets. So, yes, they're expensive. But after my first experience, I can also say that they're worth it.
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