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Pyramid Acoustic Guitar Silver Plated Round Wound, .011 - .047, A304

Pyramid Acoustic Guitar Silver Plated Round Wound, .011 - .047, A304
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By Brad
Wonderfully Balanced Strings
October 13, 2018
These strings are Beautifully balanced. I was always annoyed by the high E and B string standing out. These strings solve the problem. They are not loud or extremely bright, but they have a wonderful harmonically rich tone. They may not be suited for traditional bluegrass/ blues, but they are perfect for a modern rich tone. I've found my acoustic strings.
By Tao
Pyramid Silver Acoustic Strings
October 28, 2015
Have been playing for over 30 years. Pyramid strings are THE best, whether for electric or acoustic. The silver wraps are great for taming excessive brightness and overtones on some guitars. I love them on my '70 D-28. You do lose a little volume, but they even everything out. Great for recording too!
By Brad M.
Pyramid Strings
March 22, 2011
I have been using Pyramid strings for about 6 years now. They simply out perform all others that I have tried. They sound best when played LOUD and they bring out all the tone your guitar can produce. When I do a pure acoustic gig it is usally for 50-100 people. These strings can keep up with the power of my voice. They cand hear my guitar and voice all the way in the back row. They last twice as long as anything else. Pyramid is all I use anymore.
By Kirk
Pyramid Acoustic Silver plated roundwound
December 7, 2010
I am primarily an electric player but have been exploring the acoustic world for a couple of years now. I've tried several brands of strings and have gotten a feeling for what sounds good for me. The Pyramid strings have a great brilliance and a fine low end. Their lifespan is easily twice what I get from other strings. I'll probably try some other strings sometime but these give me what I want in a string and at a reasonable cost.
By Augustus W.
Pyramid A304
August 14, 2009
The Classic Steel String as in if you really want to hear what that pre-war 0/00 Martin or L0 Gibson sounded like in the year of Manufacture, this is your string. Not some novel re-imaging but the string as it was specified all those years ago. Quality and pride were not advertising slogans but an actual fact in every pack.

I own a 1927 Martin 0-21 [First Year of Steel Strings for this model] and have tried every major string brand [and some small winders as well] but have been more than Satisfied with the response of these strings. I've seen any number of guitars from the prewar period with what was left of the original strings, but never able to find the correct guages or tensions.

The Pyramid A304 corrects this in a big way. Forget the willfully ignorant who claim that Silk and Steel was the standard, These are the Real Thing, the Factual Actual Truth.
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