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We value your feedback! In order to provide the best information possible about each of our products, we use customer product reviews right on the page for each product so that you can see what other players think about each item. When you purchase strings or accessories from us, we give you the opportunity to write your own reviews after a short period of time to get to know the product.

We love to hear your opinions about the products you purchase. As a community of shoppers, we encourage our customers to review the products they have purchased so that others can make a more informed decision on what they will purchase. Furthermore, knowing your experiences with our products helps us to determine what products should or should not be sold, and also what types of products we may want to find more of.

The review process is simple. You can either follow the link in the review email we send to you, or if you prefer you can add reviews directly to any individual product page by clicking on the "Rate This Item!" link near the bottom of the page. A pop up box like the one below appears and you can then enter your review. You’ll see your review appear on our site after about 24 hours.

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