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Pro-Arte Medium

Perfect for serious student and amateur violists, Pro-Arte Medium viola strings feature a synthetic composite core that provides a quality tone and a durable pitch. Sized to fit medium scaled violas, 15 to 15 ¾ inches with a playing length of 14 1/8 inches, the viola strings produce a darker, mellower tone. The synthetic nylon core also makes the strings less susceptible to humidity and temperature change. Although budget-friendly, Pro-Arte strings are manufactured in the United States and held to D’Addario’s high quality standards. The Pro-Arte viola strings are a medium gauge, the preferred gauge of a majority of players, but the tension is actually slightly lower in design. This lower tension allows for better tonal blending, a warmer tone and maximizes bowing response. Affordable and durable with a quality warm tone; Pro-Arte Medium viola strings also optimize playability for the progressing violist.
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