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Premium™, the company's newest line of strings, is a chromium wound full core string. The Chromium winding on the string provides the projection that advancing players need - while the high polish on the string reduces over tones. The technology of the polishing is the difference! The polish provides the performance of a synthetic string without the cost!! While many strings are polished today PREMIUM's polishing technology is different. You will hear the difference and feel the difference in your bow's response! Our Polishing technology allows for performance without the string becoming "slippery" and difficult for the bow to grab...A revolutionary way to play at an economical value. Premium provides performance.
Super-Sensitive Cello Premium Chromium D 4/4 Size, 6927
Price: $12.33
Sale: $9.86
Super-Sensitive Cello Premium Chromium G 4/4 Size, 6937
Price: $15.28
Sale: $12.22
Super-Sensitive Cello Premium Chromium C 4/4 Size, 6947
Price: $16.39
Sale: $13.11
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