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Preferred by educators due to their durability and playability, D’Addario Prelude violin strings are the ideal set for students and amateur violinists, and are among the most popular student violin strings. Prelude violin strings’ solid steel core design provides excellent projection and easy bowing response. The steel core also produces a clean, resonating tone. To accommodate a wide range of students, D’Addario Prelude violin strings are available in different fractionally sized sets as well as single strings. Full size, 4/4 violin sets are offered in heavy, medium and light tensions. Affordable and easy to play with a great tone, the D’Addario Prelude violin strings help facilitate the learning curve of a student. The solid steel core also provides tuning stability and tonal consistency to help improve player confidence. Designed and manufactured in the United States, D’Addario violin strings are delivered in corrosion resistant packaging to guarantee freshness.
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