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Prelude Long

Due to their affordability, sound quality and playability, D’Addario Prelude Long viola strings are ideal strings for beginner and student viola players. These Prelude viola strings are sized to fit 16 and 16 1/2 inch long- scaled violas with a playing length of 15 inches. Prelude strings feature a solid steel string core that provides strong resonance and a clear, focused tone. Although the core is steel, the Prelude strings do not create a shrill tone associated with some steel strings. The steel core provides a clear, strong resonance and an easy bowing response, perfect for beginners and students. Preferred by instructors, the viola strings are also durable and not susceptible to changes in weather and humidity. Although affordable, Prelude viola strings are manufactured in the United States and are held D’Addario’s high quality standards. Arguable the best value strings for beginners, Prelude Long viola strings are also shipped in corrosive resistant, sealed packaging.
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