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Prelude Double Bass

D'Addario Prelude Double Bass Set, J610
Price: $94.99
D'Addario Prelude Double Bass G, J611
Price: $17.38
D'Addario Prelude Double Bass D, J612
Price: $18.95
D'Addario Prelude Double Bass A, J613
Price: $23.10
Sale: $20.79
D'Addario Prelude Double Bass E, J614
Price: $26.35
Future masters can get the right start with D’Addario Prelude double bass strings. Prelude strings have multi-strand steel cores and produce a warm tone quality along with good bow response. Their reduced tension makes them easy to play, so they are ideal for educational environments and for use by younger musicians who are still developing their skills. The Prelude strings are also more affordable than other D’Addario double bass strings. JustStrings.com helps make life easy for emerging talents by offering low prices. Expert staff members are available at JustStrings.com to answer questions about all the products we sell and help you find the right strings or accessories for your instrument and the music you play.
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