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D'Addario Tuners

D'Addario Clip-on Headstock Tuner, PW-CT-10
Price: $19.34
Sale: $14.99
D'Addario NS Micro Headstock Tuner, PW-CT-12
Price: $23.30
D'Addario NS Micro Headstock Tuner Twin Pack, PW-CT-12TP
Price: $41.54
D'Addario NS Micro Universal Headstock Tuner, PW-CT-13
Price: $21.99
Sale: $18.99
D'Addario NS Micro Violin Tuner, PW-CT-14
Price: $30.10
Sale: $21.99
D'Addario NS Micro Soundhole Tuner, PW-CT-15
Price: $26.80
Sale: $19.99
D'Addario Eclipse Black Tuner, PW-CT-17BK
Price: $25.44
D’Addario Chromatic Pedal Tuner, PW-CT-20
Price: $132.08
Sale: $97.99
D’Addario NEXXUS 360 USB Rechargeable Headstock Tuner, PW-CT-26
Price: $33.98
Sale: $25.99
With D’Addario’s wide selection, you are sure to find the tuner with the features you are looking for. Choose from D’Addario’s popular vibration based tuners that work well in noisy environments, or tuners with microphone audio input or direct piezo input. All are chromatic and tune to all pitches on the chromatic scale. Your tuner can clip on or not. Depending on the instruments you wish to tune, choose between a tuner specially calibrated for use on all acoustic and electric instruments including woodwind and brass instruments, or a tuner made specifically for electric and acoustic stringed instruments, or a specialty tuner just for violins and violas. Some D’Addario’s tuners even have built in metronomes.

All D’Addario electronic tuners have brightly lit, multi-colored displays in a compact, light-weight design. Easy to use with their oversize note indicator and bright display, they are excellent for use in dim environments and are exceptionally accurate.
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