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D'Addario Capos

D'Addario Rachet Capo, PW-CP-01
Price: $10.76
D'Addario NS Black Capo, PW-CP-02
Price: $20.63
D'Addario NS Classical Capo, PW-CP-04
Price: $20.63
D'Addario NS Capo Lite, PW-CP-07
Price: $13.18
D'Addario Tri-Action Capo, Black, PW-CP-09
Price: $26.16
D'Addario Tri-Action Capo, Silver, PW-CP-09S
Price: $26.16
D'Addario NS Banjo/Mandolin Capo Pro, PW-CP-11
Price: $22.10
Get the capo from another planet with our full line of Planet Waves capos. Lightweight and sturdy, these capo styles are built for convenience and in-tune performance. The popular NS Capo is typical of the team, built from ultra-light aerospace grade aluminum and using a fast micrometer screw for perfect buzz-free pressure adjustment. The NS is made for 6 or 12-string guitars. If you’ve got a banjo or mandolin, or you’re looking for a partial capo and drop tuning on a guitar, then get set up with the Trio Capo Pro. Also lighter than light, this model has a tactile dial for easy adjustment that gets you to the end of your set noise free. Already easy to use across all models, Planet Waves came back and created an even-easier-to-use capo, the NS Tri-Action, whose unique geometry allows opening and closing with less force and provides even tension no matter what type of guitar neck. Peruse our other Planet Waves capos for your perfect feature, and then clip on the best.
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