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Plain Steel Loop End Bulk

JustStrings.com offers its own line of bulk, plain steel loop end strings. Many stringed instruments, including most banjos and mandolins, use loop end strings. JustStrings’ bulk end strings are packaged in packages of 12. They are offered in 11 different gauges in 0.001 increments, with the gauges ranging from 0.008 through 0.018. Our customers say they’re very pleased with our plain steel loop end strings. Other customers have singled out their durability. And a craftsman customer who builds an instrument in the zither family says, “Your bulk packs are perfect for those of us who make small multi-stringed psalteries and the like. Very affordable and very good strings.” All our customers are especially pleased with our service and delivery times. We pride ourselves on our service, and we hope you’ll have an opportunity to experience our service for yourselves. When it comes to our lineup of plain steel loop end strings — like everything else in our store — it can’t be beat.
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