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Plain Steel Guitar Bulk Strings

If you're looking for a great deal on plain steel guitar strings in bulk to last you through months of hard touring or months of studio sessions, you've come to the right place. This is our own Just Strings brand, and you can read the rave reviews for these fine strings from our happy customers. They are available in .008, .009, .010 and .011 gauges in sets of 12 strings to a package. Single strings are extremely useful for when a string breaks during a show and you don't want to have to break up a set. Now you can make the smartest economical choice while still being able to regularly change your strings to keep your sound fresh and bright. They are easy to play and bend, and also tight enough to allow them to be hit hard. Buying bulk strings by gauge size gives you maximum flexibility in trying out different combinations for just the right sound and feel. These are great strings for many different stringed instruments, including dulcimers and zithers. Whether they’re amateur guitarists or touring guitarists who change their strings every few days, musicians want the freedom to replace single strings without breaking up a complete set or re-stringing the entire guitar. That’s especially true for guitarists who wear out one particular gauge more quickly than others. And even if you only change your strings once a month, you will still save money by buying our excellent guitar strings in bulk.
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