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Plain Steel Guitar Single Strings

Just Strings offers a large selection of single D’Addario guitar strings. D’Addario plain steel singles (PL series) are available in gauges ranging from .007 to .026.  We also carry five packs of gauges .009, .010, .011, .012 and .013 for people who break a lot of high E strings. D’Addario also offers the KPL line of plain steel strings, which are reinforced at the ball end for better performance on tremolo tailpieces. The KPL series are available in gauges from .008 - .020. According to D'Addario, all of D’Addario plain steel strings are manufactured using a round steel wire with a Lock Twist, a process they have patented that ensures that the ball end will not become separated from the string while playing.

Single D’Addario guitar strings are useful for replacing strings that you break frequently. Many players who break high E and B strings on a regular basis will buy additional single plain steel B and E strings so that when they break a string during practice or a gig, they do not have to open an entire set to replace the one broken string. That’s why we offer D’Addario steel singles. To find out which gauges of plain steel strings come in the set you are looking for, look on the back of your set. You will find all of the D’Addario strings making up the set, and their gauges, there. If you do not have a string pack to look at, look for the set on our website. On the page for the set, there will be a table showing you the individual D’Addario guitar strings that make it up.

You can also use D’Addario plain steel strings to customize your own sets. If you want to try a particular gauge that is not available packaged in a set the way you want it, you can purchase plain steel strings.

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