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Pirastro Violin Strings

Pirastro violin strings are available in 14 varieties. Pirastro makes gut violin strings (and are one of the few companies left in the world that do), synthetic core violin strings and steel core violin string sets. Made in Germany, Pirastro violin strings are of the highest quality and are used by professional orchestral and symphonic players around the world.

Pirastro strings for violin are available in five different lines. Pirastro Passione violin strings are their newest gut string, with enhanced tuning stability.  They have a full, colorful sound and great tone and projection. Pirastro Oliv violin strings are silver wound on gut cores. Oliv strings have a rich, complex sound with good tone and volume. Pirastro Eudoxa violin strings are a good all-around gut string. These Pirastro violin strings are warm and bright with a powerful sound. Their Gold violin strings are their value line of gut strings, bringing you warm, beautiful sound at an affordable price. Pirastro Chorda violin string sets are plain gut, suitable for authentically stringing baroque and other vintage instruments. They have a quick, easy response.

Pirastro synthetic core violin strings are available in six different lines. All synthetic Pirastro strings are resistant to temperature and humidity changes. Pirastro’s Evah Pirazzi is their newest synthetic string, made from a new type of synthetic fiber. They have an intense, complex, powerful sound well suited for soloists. Pirastro Obligato violin strings are the all-around synthetic string. These Pirastro violin strings are warm and rich with good overtones, and produce an impressive level of volume. Pirastro Violino violin strings are their warmest sounding synthetic string, with a low tension and smooth sound. Pirastro Tonica violin strings have an open, lively tone with good brilliance and projection. Pirastro Synoxa violin string sets sound bright and clear, and tune quickly. Pirastro Aricore violin strings have a warm sound and dark timbre. Aricore Chrome A & D strings are also available, and provide a brighter sound than the standard Aricore.

Pirastro steel core violin strings are available in three different varieties of sets as well as single non whistling E strings. Pirastro Flexocor violin strings feature a steel rope core, making them rounder and warmer sounding than other steel strings. These Pirastro strings project well and are the easiest steel string to play. Chromcor are their brightest, most brilliant string. They have big tone and big volume. Pirastro Piranito are their most affordably priced steel string, suitable for students. They have a bright, brilliant sound with good playability.

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