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Pirastro Viola Strings

With roots dating back to 1766 string makers in Italy, Pirastro manufactures premium viola strings that are celebrated for their outstanding quality of traditional and innovational designs. Pirastro manufactures gut, synthetic and steel core viola strings for discerning amateur and professional violists. Eudoxa viola strings are one of the most celebrated traditional sounding lines of gut strings available on the market, and players appreciate the warm, mellow tones that complement older violas. Along with Pirastro’s commitment to traditional designs and tones, Pirastro also welcomes innovation and is a leader in the industry in this regard. Pirastro synthetic core strings offer more response and more pitch stability than gut strings without losing the traditional sound. The company’s Obligato synthetic core strings are commonly compared to the gut Euxoda viola strings, which reflects the company’s commitment to traditional sound through innovative design. For tonal flexibility and purity, the different designs of Pirastro viola strings offer violist an expansive tonal palette to accommodate player’s taste and instrument characteristics.
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