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Pirastro Hardanger Fiddle Resonance String Set, (364500)

Pirastro Hardanger Fiddle Resonance String Set, (364500)
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Pirastro Hardanger Fiddle Resonance String Set, (364500)

364500 is two pieces each (2x) of: E-Steel N 10 1/2 (0.20mm) E-Steel N 11 (0.22mm)

It is still possible to use plain gut strings for the lowest strings of the gamba today. However, the mono-filament of these gut strings is rather stiff and quite thick and may cause considerable impairment to the playability of deeper notes.

Instrument strings made from sheep gut have been part of music history since the earliest times. Nomadic peoples made strings from tendons and horsehair, and Egyptian were playing lutes in 1500 BC. Egyptians mastered the art of gut string making thousands of years ago.

Lower strings made of thin, twisted filament, gut rope arose centuries later. The metal wound strings we use today came about in the mid 17th century, in the time of Stradivarius.

Pirastro makes authentic gut strings with modern quality. These strings are the product of thousands of years of technological advancement. Pirastro's gamba string program is second to none.
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