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Pick and Slide Holders

Dunlop Pick and Slide Holders
Whether it’s a creative gift for a guitar player in the family or an important purchase for the performing professional, guitar pick accessories are a convenient, and sometimes essential, piece of musical equipment. No matter how careful a guitar player may be, all guitar players will invariably break a pick or slide from time to time. JustStrings.com carries pick and slide holders from respected brands including Dunlop, D’Addario, and Wedgie. Microphone stand pick holders and guitar slide holders ensure that performances won’t suffer from losing a piece of vital equipment when playing. Keep picks and slides within reach with pick holders and guitar slide holders that ensure the show goes on. Guitar pick accessories can come in various forms, but the most popular are spring-loaded pick holders and microphone stand pick holders. Spring-loaded pick holders come with a non-marring, safe adhesive that attaches the pick holders to the guitar. The spring-loaded mechanism ensures picks are easy to grab one at a time. Microphone stand pick holders are attachments specifically made for microphone stands that firmly hold picks in place. In some cases, these microphone attachments can double as guitar slide holders. No matter which you may prefer, make sure that your guitar pick accessories are made of quality, durable plastic.
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