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Considered the king, or sultan, of instruments in the Arab world, the oud is an ancient, short-necked lute that is also popular in Turkey and Greece. An oud typically features 11 or 13 strings in paired, unison courses with the lowest course featuring only one string. Modern ouds are categorized in two types, the Arabic or Turkish. Although similar, the Turkish oud is typically smaller with a brighter timbre. Designed by leading string manufacturers, we carry both types of oud string sets. When you buy oud strings, the ideal set will depend on player preference and the characteristics of your instrument. Aquila’s Turkish oud strings feature a synthetic nylon, called Nylgut, which emulates the rich warmth of a gut string without gut’s sensitivities to temperature and use. The set’s tonal warmth can complement the Arabic oud’s richness, or the strings can balance out an overly bright sounding Turkish oud. To enhance the brightness of a Turkish oud, D’Addario’s silver-plated wound on nylon strings provide a crisp clarity and brilliance. LaBella features both the traditional as well as the Arabic tuning sets. Thomastik-Infeld manufactures exceptionally fine strings for both 10 and 11 strings applications, with the option of a wound third string set.
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