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Viola Olive A Aluminum/Gut
Price: $31.44
Viola Olive D Aluminum/Silver/Gut
Price: $49.00
Viola Olive G Silver/Gut
Price: $85.75
Viola Olive C Tungsten/Gut
Price: $50.24
Viola Olive D Silver/Gut, 221741
Price: $33.93
The flagship string design of Pirastro, Pirastro Olive viola strings, or Oliv, are a premium sheep gut string set. Pirastro has been designing and manufacturing traditional strings for over 300 years, and the Olive viola strings are wound and polished by hands. The A string is wound in aluminum, the D string is gold-plated aluminum wound, the G string is gold-plated silver and the C string is wound in silver and tungsten. The windings offer a brightness to complement the warmth and complexity of the gut core. The winding also provides an easier response than typical gut strings and offers a more rounded, fuller volume. One of the most popular gut core strings on the market, Olive viola strings impress even the most discerning violists. Although a popular string amongst professionals, the easier bowing response of the Olive viola strings make them a good transitional gut core strings for progressing viola players.
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