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Octave Guitar Strings

Hannabach Octave Guitar Strings
La Bella Octave Guitar Strings
We carry octave guitar strings made by both Hannabach and La Bella.

An octave guitar is essentially a very small six string guitar tuned one octave higher than a standard six string guitar. Octave guitar strings are tuned E, A, D, G, B and E, just like a regular guitar, but one octave up. The scale length of an octave guitar is very short, usually 14 to 15 inches. Without the shorter scale length, octave guitar strings would break very easily, since regular scale length guitars, which are usually 24 to 25.5 inches, are much to long for the dramatically higher pitch.

The octave guitar is sometimes called a soprano or piccolo guitar. It is sometimes used by guitar players trying to emulate the sound of the mandolin. Other players use it as a soprano member of the guitar family. The scale length of an octave guitar is more than half of that of the standard guitar, so the strings must by necessity be thinner, which can cause tuning instability on some instruments.

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