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Octava Mini

Super-Sensitive Viola Octava Set Mini, SS480-M
Price: $39.58
Sale: $33.64
Expertly engineered by Super-Sensitive to accommodate progressing players, Octava Mini sized viola strings combine the playability of steel core strings with the more dynamic tone of gut core strings. Featuring a multifilament, nylon Perlon core, Octava Mini sized viola strings are manufactured to fit 12” scaled violas. Although the Perlon core provides the rich, dynamic tone of a gut core string, Octava Mini sized viola strings offer easy bow response and tuning that does not fluctuate with changing weather and humidity. Although budget priced, the Octava Mini sized strings are high quality and manufactured to accommodate advancing players. Along with its advanced synthetic core, the viola strings feature premium windings to ensure projection and sustain. The A and D strings feature nickel windings, and the G and C strings have aluminum windings. Providing students with familiar string characteristics, Octava Mini sized strings also allow students to explore the tonal complexity of the viola.
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