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Octava Intermediate

Super-Sensitive Viola Octava A Intermediate, SS481-I
Price: $6.13
Sale: $5.21
Super-Sensitive Viola Octava D Intermediate, SS482-I
Price: $8.61
Sale: $7.32
Super-Sensitive Viola Octava G Intermediate, SS483-I
Price: $10.33
Sale: $8.78
Professional quality strings at a student string price, the Octava Intermediate sized viola strings are perfect for students transitioning from steel core strings to synthetic core viola strings. The nylon Perlon core viola strings have the feel and sound of traditional gut core strings, but feature many of the advantages of steel core strings, including stability in temperature and humidity changes and easy bowing response. Octava strings provide the warm, full-bodied and dynamic tone associated with gut strings but with modern tuning stability and playing ease. The Octava Intermediate sized viola strings are specifically manufactured for 14” scaled violas. To ensure strong projection and sustain, the Octava single strings feature aluminum winding on the A and D strings and nickel winding on the G and C strings. Octava strings are the ideal step-up viola strings for helping students explore the wide dynamics of quality synthetic core strings.
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