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Oasis Instrument Care

Oasis Guitar Humidifier, OH-1
Price: $19.97
Digital Hygrometer with case clip, OH-2C
Price: $30.06
Oasis Humigel Replacement Kit, OH-4
Price: $9.95
Oasis Guitar Humidifier Plus+, OH-5
Price: $19.97
Oasis Case Humidfier, OH-6
Price: $19.97
Oasis Case Plus Humidifier, OH-14
Price: $19.97
Keep your guitar or other wood stringed instruments feeling tropical even when outside conditions veer toward desert. Oasis Instrument Care accessories, from humidifiers to hygrometers to support products, take care of your baby when the weather may not be cooperating. For your guitar or other stringed instrument made from wood think 40 percent. Thatís the relative humidity level below which your instrument runs the risk of cracking. With Oasis Instrument Care, however, you can rest easy and risk free. The industry standard Oasis Guitar Humidifier keeps things moist for seven to ten days. Donít worry, you donít have to guess, the humidifierís normally well-shaped body begins to shrink and wrinkle slightly when it has lost most of its water. That means itís time for a refill with distilled water. A single gallon of water will last you literally months to years. Order one of the Oasis Guitar Humidifier Combo packs, and you also get a hygrometer that tells you the relative humidity of the room allowing you to only use the humidifier when itís actually needed. (You can also buy an individual hygrometer.) Check out the full line of Oasis Instrument Care products, which even include a special humidifier for exceptionally dry climates. Whichever product is right for you, JustStrings.com has a fantastic price on all Oasis products, and great customer service.
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