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Oasis Classical Guitar Strings

Oasis classical guitar strings use some of the most unique advanced materials. Choose from three kinds of Oasis classical guitar treble strings and three bass strings in various tensions to find just the sound you’re looking for. The Oasis GPX Carbon Treble strings are made of PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride), which is denser than nylon so the strings can be thinner and still maintain a similar tension. Musicians praise them for their responsiveness and their similar feel to traditional nylon classical strings. You can pair the GPX Carbon Trebles with Centurion Flex-Core Basses or Sostenuto Basses, which were developed by Oasis to provide a powerful and lyrical sound. The distinctive purple-gray color of the Oasis Classical Guitar Titanium Nylon Trebles, made of a new polyamide mixture, is as unique as their sound. Just Strings offers these Oasis Titanium treble strings, paired with Centurion Flex-Core Basses, in either normal or medium-hard tension. For players who prefer nylon strings, Oasis offers its Classical Guitar Regency Nylon Trebles matched with Centurion Flex-Core Basses, available in three different tensions.

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