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Oasis Bass Guitar Strings

Flex-Core Electric Bass Strings

Bass players, who tried these at the 2009 winter NAMM show, were amazed by how SMOOTH they play. Our continuous winding process makes these strings the smoothest, most supple strings made in the USA. Many players say that they play like Thomastik bass strings, but sound a bit brighter.This is a PREMIUM set of strings that sells at a popular price. Sets are available(45-65-85-105 & 125) in both nickel-steel and stainless steel.
“They rock!” exclaims an Oasis, 5-string player. Oasis uses a continuous winding process on their “flex-cores”, which are hexagonal shaped, to create very smooth, flexible and responsive strings. A customer of the BG-7004 set reports, “I like the feel of them--very smooth feeling for a round wound string, and they feel very high tension, which I like. Good tone--not overly bright but not dull either…”
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