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NS Electric Violin

D’Addario developed the NS Electric line of strings jointly with Ned Steinberger. Since there is no real limit on volume with electric instruments, the NS Electric line focuses instead on expressive nuance and tone instead of acoustic sound projection. This allows them to bring out the richest possible tone from electric instruments as well as work nicely on acoustic instruments when subtlety and expression are more important than volume.
D'Addario NS Electric Violin Set
Price: $31.06
D'Addario NS Electric Violin E
Price: $3.03
D'Addario NS Electric Violin A
Price: $7.96
D'Addario NS Electric Violin D
Price: $9.53
D'Addario NS Electric Violin G
Price: $11.10
D'Addario NS Electric Violin Low C
Price: $14.80
Designed in collaboration with innovative instrument designer Ned Steinberger, D’Addario’s NS electric violin strings are designed to produce tonal nuance and enhance the instrument’s expressive range. Since acoustic projection is not an issue with NS electric violin strings, the stranded steel core is designed to increase tonal quality, subtlety and expression. Although the NS electric strings are ideal for electric violins, the strings are also suitable for acoustic instruments and produce a clear, warm sound while allowing the wide range of tonal expressiveness. Sized to fit full-scaled violins, the set includes the standard tuning strings of E, A, D and G. In addition, D’Addario manufactures a low C string which is available as a single string. D’Addario is an industry leader in bowed instrument strings, and NS electric violin strings are manufactured to stringent quality standards. To ensure the strings are delivered in pristine condition, NS electric violin strings are stored and shipped in corrosive-resistant packaging.
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