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NS Electric Viola

Discover the perfect strings for your electric viola. We have D'Addario NS Electric viola strings, developed jointly with instrument designer Ned Steinberger.
D'Addario NS Electric Viola Set
Price: $42.94
D'Addario NS Electric Viola A
Price: $8.86
D'Addario NS Electric Viola D
Price: $10.43
D'Addario NS Electric Viola G
Price: $11.10
D'Addario NS Electric Viola C
Price: $13.57
D'Addario NS Electric Viola High E
Price: $7.18
In partnership with Ned Steinberger and his company NS Design, D'Addario has developed a line of strings specially made for the electric viola. The D'Addario NS Electric viola strings have naturally powerful projection, but in the design of these special strings, the focus was placed on tonal quality and expressive nuance. They bring out the best in electric instruments but also work well on acoustic instruments, when attention to subtleties is of supreme importance. NS strings feature aluminum, brass, nickel, stainless steel and tungsten wrappings around stranded steel cores. We offer these state-of-the-art strings as a complete set, and also as single strings. The standard A, D, G and C strings are included in the set, and an additional high E string is available separately. D'Addario is a highly regarded string manufacturer known for their technical excellence and innovation, with sophisticated production techniques and rigorous testing and quality control. Their many years of industry expertise and an eye to the future have created the superior strings for which they are revered today.
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