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At JustStrings.com, you're never charged for sales tax. We're located in the state of New Hampshire, USA, where there is no sales tax, so no matter where you place your order from or where we are shipping to, tax is never added to your order. This saves you money no matter where you live, and is one of many reasons to shop at JustStrings.com.

JustStrings.com does not add sales tax to any order, whether it is in the United States or being shipped internationally. This of course applies to Tax-Exempt Government Agencies and Institutions as well. When shopping with JustStrings.com, it is not necessary to provide us with your tax-exempt status or ID, because there is no sales tax in New Hampshire.

Some countries outside of the United States may charge customs, or import taxes. Customers are solely responsible for any customs or import taxes which may be incurred. JustStrings.com does not have any method available for obtaining specific information about customs, or import taxes and we encourage customers to check with their local authorities before placing an order. Refunds are not available for customers who choose not to pick up their order due to customs, import taxes, or related issues.

Please note that JustStrings.com is currently not required by law to withhold any sales tax. However, tax laws are subject to change and you are responsible for paying any applicable import, sales, use or value-added taxes not withheld by JustStrings.com. In addition, JustStrings.com reserves the right to change this policy without notice.

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