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Nickel Bass Guitar Bulk Strings

For our bass-playing customers, we offer our own house brand of bulk nickel bass guitar strings. Enjoy the professional quality, convenience and value of these top-of-the-line strings, which we offer in packages of 6 in a wide range of gauge sizes. They're available in .025 to .135 gauges in .05 increments, and are nickel plated and round wound for comfortable playing and a warm sound. The great prices for our nickel bass guitar strings means you can stock up for your tour, or have the flexibility to create your own custom sets and experiment with your sound without breaking the bank. They also make great replacement strings, so you don't have to break up a set when you need a new string quickly. When you buy nickel bass guitar strings from JustStrings.com, you know you're getting the best quality available, and our friendly staff people with their musical expertise are happy to answer any questions you may have. Save money and experience our exceptional quality and personalized service.
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