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For a bright, punchy sound and long sustain, use the electric guitar strings endorsed by such professional musicians as Yes guitarist Steve Howe, singer-songwriter Hanna Carter and Doobie Brothers guitarist Pat Simmons. The Sfarzo Nickelanium strings produce a bright sound and have greater sustain than other brands of strings. Made by hand and precision strung, their Nickelaniums use a nickel alloy wound on a rounded, hexagonal core. User testimonials attest to the superior tone, crisp harmonics and easy string bending for blues style playing. They are also durable and long lasting, and are easy to keep in tune. They offer a wide variety of different tensions for every type of instrument and playing style. The standard Nickelanium strings range from extra light to regular gauges, including a set especially for blues. Drop D Nickelanium strings (for Drop D tunings), Drop C Nickelaniums and 7-string guitar string sets are also available.
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