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Nickel Masters

Newtone Nickel Masters, known for their ability to stay in tune, are hand wound with nickel-plated steel over hexagonal cores. They have the brilliance and crispness of superior electric strings due to their distinctive design. Nine sets are available from ultra-light to heavy gauges. “I would like to keep these strings a secret, but I also want them to stay in business for as long as I'm playing guitar. These strings not only sound fantastic, they are the most tune-stable strings I have ever encountered, and I've used just about all the major brands. Put them on, tuned them up (no stretching!), and they stayed right there requiring only minor tuning the next day. That's unheard of! Plus, I've had my first set on for eight months now, using a stone pick, and they still require only very small-to-no tuning tweaks on a daily basis. That's crazy!” reports a Nickel Masters player.

Very important: To prevent string unraveling, only trim these wound strings after they are secured and tuned to pitch. Or you can bend the string sharply and trim between the bend and the short end of the string.
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