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Newtone Acoustic Guitar Strings

Just Strings offers seven different kinds of Newtone acoustic guitar strings depending on the sound and feel you are looking for. The Newtone 80/20 Bronze Master Class acoustic guitar strings were the first Newtone acoustic strings to feature round cores. Master Class Newtone strings utilize a principle dating back to the 1920’s: using a round core instead of the modern hex core creates greater string life and better playability.

Newtone Double Wound Master Class acoustic guitar strings use a double wrap of phosphor bronze on a round steel core wire. This process lends Double Wound strings a feel and sound all their own. These Newtone acoustic guitar strings have a mellow and warm tone and the double wrap helps eliminate the finger noise associated with single wrapped strings.

Electro-Acoustic Master Class Newtone acoustic strings have phosphor bronze E, A & D strings and nickel wound G’s, all on round cores. The advantage of using nickel for the G is an improved transition in tone from the warmer sounding phosphor bronze to the bright plain steel of the B and high E. They give you a gradual change in brightness when strumming rather than the sometimes jarring contrast between bronze and plain steel strings.

Newtone Heritage acoustic guitar strings are the newest Newtone strings. Heritage strings are designed to a have a low tension that is as close to equal as possible across all strings. They use phosphor bronze windings on round cores with special core/wrap ratios to give you extremely playable low tensions. Newtone Heritage sound like regular phosphor bronze strings, they are just easier to play. These Newtone acoustic guitar strings are also good for vintage instruments that cannot stand up to standard tension strings.

Newtone Jazz acoustic guitar strings give you the bright acoustic jazz sound you are looking for. These Django jazz strings are available in either phosphor bronze, nickel plated steel or silver plated copper wound on round cores. These strings will give you a very bright tone, and are not just for jazz. Newtone Jazz strings sound good on any guitar that can benefit from bright strings.

Newtone Nickel Master Class acoustic guitar strings feature Newtone’s special round core wires. They use design principles dating back to the ‘20s that say using round core wires instead of the hex cores of today gives strings better tone, better life and greater playability. The nickel wrap wire on these Newtone acoustic guitar strings will give you a clear, bright tone that will last longer than 80/20 bronze.

Newtone Phosphor Bronze Master Class acoustic guitar strings use a phosphor bronze wrap on Newtone’s special round core wire. The phosphor bronze wrap wire will give you a warm, rich tone that lasts longer than 80/20 bronze. The round cores are part of Newtone’s vintage style string making method and help give Newtone’s greater string life and better playability than hex-core strings.
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