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Newtone Strings is a British company, run by Malcolm Newton. Newtone makes handwound music strings for a variety of instruments. We carry a variety of Newtone strings: Newtone acoustic guitar strings, Newtone Electric guitar strings, Newtone resophonic (Dobro) guitar strings and Newtone 7 String guitar strings.

Newtone guitar strings come in seven different varieties. Newtone 80/20 Bronze strings are part of their Master Class line, and feature round cores. A round core string can vibrate more freely than a hex-core string, which allows it to produce a more musical sound. Newtone Double Wound strings are also round core, with a double phosphor bronze winding which gives them a unique feel. They have a warm, mellow sound and help cut down on finger noise. Newtone Electro-Acoustic strings are phosphor bronze, but with a nickel wound G string, which helps the tonal transition from bronze to the steel of the high B and E. Their Heritage series acoustic guitar strings are designed to have a low tension that is equal across all strings. Newtone Jazz strings are designed to give you the classic Manouch tone of Django Reinhardt. These Newtone strings work well on any guitar if you want a bright, low tension set. Newtone Master Class Nickel acoustic strings are some of the only nickel strings available for acoustic guitars. They produce a bright tone that many people like. Newtone Phosphor Bronze Master Class strings feature round cores and a warm, rich sound.

Newtone strings for electric guitars are available in six varieties. Newtone Arch Top Nickel strings are designed with the heavy gauges archtop players want. Newtone Drop D’s feature a larger core on the lowest string to facilitate tuning it to D while maintaining even string response. Newtone Masters electric strings are nickel wound on a round core, which gives it slightly more warmth than a standard hex core string. Newtone Nickel Masters are nickel wound on a hex core, produces a bright, clear sound. Slide Classics were developed in collaboration with Michael Messer. These Newtone guitar strings are extra heavy gauge to make them work with drop tune slide playing. Newtone Stainless Steel masters are extra bright and last a very long time because they are stainless steel. They also offer Archtop and E7 electric 7 string sets.

Newtone Resophonic guitar strings were designed specifically for National guitars with the help of Michael Messer. Their Dobro strings (resophonic strings) come in extra heavy gauges, giving them better tone and response when playing slide. Newtone Resophonic gauges might seem very heavy, but this is because they use a vintage style round core, which makes for a larger string, but with greatly reduced tension. Any guitar will sound better with heavier Newtone strings; the problem is playing heavy strings! Newtone has solved this problem with their round core strings. Newtone recommends using the light gauge set for high tunings like E or A.

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